Travis Marsico, Ph.D.

/Professor, Associate Chair, and Curator, Arkansas State University Herbarium (STAR)



My research focuses on biogeography, biodiversity conservation, natural history, and species invasions. I currently research risk associated with hitchhiking plant propagules at US shipping ports, invasion of herbivorous insect pests, plant diversity patterns in fragmented landscapes of the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain, and plant diversity patterns along elevation gradients in the Neotropics.  My research emphasizes making and utilizing natural history collections in research.  I also study biology education and improvements to university-level education utilizing specimen-based projects in coursework.  I have been a faculty member at Arkansas State University for over 10 years, where I teach Curation of Collections,  Dendrology, Mechanisms of Speciation, Natural History Collections Research Design, and Plant Systematics.  At A-State, I curate the herbarium and manage the Laboratory Sciences Greenhouse.

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